Regional General Meeting 2021

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Gathering Together and Business of the Council: Friday June 11, Saturday June 12

The 3nd Annual General Meeting Gathering of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council will be held entirely online, using the event platform Whova. Sunday worship will be available on YouTube.

More details will come mid-May. In the meantime, you can view the past Whova orientation videos from our second Annual General Meeting on YouTube.

Celebration of Ministry & Sunday Worship: June 13

The June 13th Celebration of Ministry and Sunday Worship will be held online, empowering all communities of faith and United Church people across the Regional Council to attend this important and meaningful worship experience.

The Celebration of Ministry will be live-streamed from United Online (Highlands United), and Nadia Bolz-Weber will be our preacher. More details, including the YouTube worship link to share with your communities of faith care coming in mid-May.

With Hope and Abundance

Keynote Presenter

Rev Cameron Trimble

Rev. Cameron Trimble is the Executive Director and CEO of Convergence, an organization that supports the reshaping of congregations and leaders engaged in an age of movement from “organized religion” to “organizing religion” driven by the values of an inclusive, progressive theological vision for a more just world for all. She has worked with many denominational bodies as they set up systems for church development, and she coaches pastors in the UCC, Episcopal, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), ELCA, United Methodist, Unitarian Universalist, and Presbyterian (USA) churches Rev. Trimble has served an adjunct professor teaching church planting/renewal and leadership with the Pacific School of Religion, Brite Divinity School, Auburn Seminary and Chicago Theological Seminary. Cameron co-authored the book “Liberating Hope”, and most recently published “Piloting Church: Helping Your Congregation Take Flight” in 2019 and 60 Days of Faith in 2020.

You can read even more about Cameron Trimble here.

Person with asymmetrical curly bob hairstyle wearing a black sleeveless v-neck shirt, tattooed arms, one crossing her body and holding the other, in blue jeans with a belt that has a large silver belt buckle. She's wearing a silver necklace and standing in front of a gold and stone Moorish arch.
Nadia Bolz-Weber

Key Note Presenter, Guest Preacher

Rev Nadia Bolz-Weber

New York Times bestselling author Nadia Bolz-Weber has been called “a pastor for America’s outsiders” (BBC). Bolz-Weber will be the first to attest that she doesn’t look like most people’s idea of a pastor, but the community of faith she founded in Denver, Colorado - House for All Sinners and Saints - is a haven for a diverse community seeking affirmation and acceptance. But Bolz-Weber’s gospel is not just for spiritual seekers. In a time when institutions of every kind - governments, corporations, universities, churches - are struggling to exert influence and maintain relevance, her House for All Sinners and Saints continues to thrive, especially among Millennials. In her books and talks, Bolz-Weber makes the deeply felt argument that honesty and human connection are key to creating and sustaining community.

Learn more about Nadia here.

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Proposals: Regional Council 2021 and General Council 2022

In our United Church, individual members, Communities of Faith, Covenantal Ministries, Regional Committees / Councils / Groups, and Regional Council Members may want the Pacific Mountain Regional Council or Executive to take action on a specific issue or concern.

You may have something to share for education or desire a conversation about a specific topic. You may want to have some education and conversation about a topic leading towards taking action. A “proposal” is the formal request for any of these. Here are specific details about submitting proposals, including who can make a proposal and how to craft a proposal.

Special Note About Proposals to General Council 2022

This year, two kinds of proposals are being received by the PMRC executive: those that are proposals for consideration and action in our regional council, and those that are proposals for consideration and action by the national church, also known as General Council.

Proposals for General Council gatherings must be sent with or without concurrence from the regional council where the proposal originated. As General Council needs time to prepare, so must we act a year in advance: all proposals for General Council 44 in July 2022 must be received at our general meeting this June 2021.

Use the same link to submit both Regional and General Council proposals. Submitting your proposal in advance of the general meeting helps us to organize timing in the general meeting schedule. We will appreciate proposals received by Thursday June 10, 2021.

GM 2021 Registration

Registration for the General Meeting opens mid-May, giving the staff shared between Chinook Winds and Pacific Mountain Regional Councils a bit of breathing space between general meetings.


With thanks to the regional council executive and general meeting planning team (these are all volunteer roles) and the regional council staff responsible for bringing this gathering into being.


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