Regional Staff Support to Communities of Faith and their Leadership

The Pacific Mountain Regional Council supports the success of both the region’s ministry personnel and national church policies with Regional Council staff dedicated to pastoral relations policy knowledge and experience. This area of work is related to the Pastoral Relations Council of the PMRC.

Contact the Regional Ministers and Pastoral Relations Coordinator by email, or using their Phone Extensions. Call toll free in BC 1-800-934-0434 or at +1-604-431-0434.


Pastoral Relations Coordinator

  • Brenda Wolff, Ext. 6352

Region Ministers: Pastoral Relations & Community of Faith Support

  • Islands & Sunshine Coast: Gail Miller, Ext. 6360
  • Kootenays: Kathy Davies, Ext. 6357
  • North: Victoria Andrews, Ext. 6353
  • Lower Mainland East: Kathy Davies, Ext. 6357
  • Lower Mainland West: Marc Coulombe, Ext 6355
  • Thompson-Okanagan: Allison Rennie, Ext 6364
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