Welcome, from the Pacific Mountain Regional Council!

We are both a geographical region covering most of BC and Yukon, and a council of membership within The United Church of Canada.

Our mission and vision is to support the health of United Church communities of faith and ministries in our region, to nurture effective leadership, and to grow faithful public witness as United Church people.

Through staffing, finance, advice, advocacy and resources, the PMRC supports Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities of faith and ministries in making a difference in the world.

Current Highlights

This discovery reminds us that we need to do more than be sorry, we need to do more than read the apology we need to take seriously the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. We need to act on the Calls to the Church. We need to live the apology. We need to lead the work of healing in our communities. We need to listen to our Indigenous siblings and respond to their calls.

When we engage in the sacrament of holy communion, it is an act of Remembrance. We are being invited into the sacrament of remembering these lost 215, knowing that they symbolize many more tiny shoes whose owners didn’t make it home, or whose lives were impacted by the experience of attending a Residential School. We invite you into rituals of remembering. Read more here.

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Friday June 11 & Saturday June 12, 2021: Gathering Together & Business of the Council.
Sunday June 13, 2021: Celebration of Ministry & Sunday Worship with Guest Preacher, Nadia Bolz-Weber.
Keynote Presenters: Cameron Trimble and Nadia Bolz-Weber.

Online Worship Opportunities and 2021/22 Prayer Cycle

Many communities of faith in the Pacific Mountain region have found ways to gather online using Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, etc in order to honour provincial health orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may worship online with your home church, or 'visit' with other United Churches around the province (any beyond!). See the online worship directory for links to Sunday and mid-week worship opportunities in our regional council.

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