Church Property and Transitions

Approvals Working Group

The Community of Faith Approvals Working Group (AWG) is a cascading committee of the Community of Faith Council.

The Approvals Working Group receives, reviews, and makes recommendations for:

  • property transactions
  • significant community of faith life events such as amalgamations, disbanding, shared ministry agreements,
  • governance changes or other community of life situations requiring Regional Council approval.

The AWG is made up of 5 volunteers from throughout the region and one regional council staff person. They will meet via conference call every 2 weeks to do their work. The AWG begins receiving applications for ‘Approval of Property Transactions’ and ‘Approval for Community of Faith Life Events’ on March 1, 2020.

The Regional Ministers are responsible for assisting Communities of Faith as they prepare their applications for approval and be present at the meeting of the AWG to present the application and answer questions as needed.

‘Approval of Property Transactions’ and ‘Approval of Community of Faith Life Events’ Applications should include:

  • a cover letter with the purpose/reason for request;
  • required documentation as per The Manual and Regional Council policy and procedures;
  • a copy of the motion from governing body making the request.

Please email applications to Mauricio Araujo.

The Regional Minister Staff person for the Community of Faith Approvals Working Group is Rev. Victoria Andrews. The work of the AWG is held in a spirit of covenant and collaboration. Together, we seek to support healthy communities of faith and ministries, effective leadership, and faithful public witness throughout the Pacific Mountain Regional Council.


Capital Assistance Programs (National)

The purpose of the Capital Assistance Fund of The United Church of Canada is to provide financial assistance for the renewal and development of congregations, camps, education centres, community ministries, and chaplaincies.

Assistance is available in the form of loans and targeted grants for eligible pastoral charges/congregations and other ministries that would otherwise be unable to undertake or complete these projects.

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