Support When Hiring a Minister

Tending the Relationship between Congregation and Minister

Regional Council staff support communities of faith and their leaders with knowledge, information, and advocacy. This area of support is called ‘Pastoral Relations’.

Pulpit Supply

Communities of faith looking for a minister to fill in for Sunday worship can request the Pulpit Supply list from Brenda Wolff, Pastoral Relations Coordinator.

Ordained, diaconal, recognized designated lay ministers, candidates for ministry and licensed lay worship leaders may add their name to the Pulpit Supply list.

Ministry Profiles and Searches with ChurchHub

The online platform ChurchHub is maintained by General Council as the required process for United Church ministry personnel and communities of faith to search for calls and appointments. It is also a United Church of Canada policy that oversees and facilitates communication between the denomination, ministry personnel, communities of faith, and members who participate in regional and denominational ministry.

To Record of Call / Settlement / Appointment go to ChurchHub

Accessing Church Hub

All United Church ministry personnel and communities of faith will receive an invitation to join ChurchHub. Once you've received your invitation, you create a unique username and password to use the platform. If you have not received your invitation, or need to update your information, email with your details.

ChurchHub Links


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Office of Vocation

The Office of Vocation is part of the General Council. It is the body in the United Church’s structure that supports:

  • the accreditation of ministry personnel and the processes for the discernment and training of ministry personnel,
  • the determination of their fitness/readiness for accreditation,
  • the fulfillment of continuing education standards, and
  • the formal processes for oversight and discipline of ministry personnel.

The Officer of Vocation Ministry for BC, Yukon and Southern Alberta is national church staff person, Brenda Fawkes.

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