Proposals: Regional Council 2021 and General Council 2022

In our United Church, individual members, Communities of Faith, Covenantal Ministries, Regional Committees / Councils / Groups, and Regional Council Members may want the Pacific Mountain Regional Council or Executive to take action on a specific issue or concern.

You may have something to share for education or desire a conversation about a specific topic. You may want to have some education and conversation about a topic leading towards taking action. A “proposal” is the formal request for any of these. Here are specific details about submitting proposals, including who can make a proposal and how to craft a proposal.

Special Note About Proposals to General Council 2022

This year, two kinds of proposals are being received by the PMRC executive: those that are proposals for consideration and action in our regional council, and those that are proposals for consideration and action by the national church, also known as General Council.

Proposals for General Council gatherings must be sent with or without concurrence from the regional council where the proposal originated. As General Council needs time to prepare, so must we act a year in advance: all proposals for General Council 44 in July 2022 must be received at our general meeting this June 2021.

Use the same link to submit both Regional and General Council proposals. Submitting your proposal in advance of the general meeting helps us to organize timing in the general meeting schedule. We will appreciate proposals received by Thursday June 10, 2021.

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