Clusters and Networks

United Church people are encouraged to vision together and organize themselves into Clusters or Networks, and both!

Create a Cluster to encourage followship, cooperation, collaboration, support among neighbouring communities of faith.

Create a Network to bring people together near and far around a specific topic or action, such as Social Justice, LGBT2QAi+, Climate Justice, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Relations, etc.

You can also see some information about Clusters and Networks on the United Church of Canada website.

Clusters and Networks in the PMRC

Clusters and Networks are entirely self-directed groups without any legal or constitutional standing in the United Church of Canada governance structure. This means, means there are not designated resources for Clusters or Networks – however, there are a few key ways that the Pacific Mountain Regional Council support Clusters and Networks in our region!

The PMRC Forum

Clusters and Networks can use the (free) PMRC Forum as a hub for their communication and file-sharing.


Funding and Grants

Some of the regional council’s grants and funds may suit a project or need of a Cluster or Network. Learn about the regional council’s different funding and grant criteria and programs.

Clusters and Networks may also look to national church funding , and local congregational church funding.

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