Church Finances, Grants and Funds

Church Finance

Volunteer Executive-Duty Roles in Communities of Faith

Treasures and Trustees are lay leaders in the church, and resources and support for these positions are overseen by the Lay Leadership Support Committee.

Handbooks and National Support for Church Finances

Information on managing the needs of communities of faith is found on The United Church of Canada’s national website in a section called Local Administration. It covers topics such as Capital Assistance Programs, Insurance, Budgets, Assessments, Statistics, Congregational Finance Tools, and more.

Handbooks and guidelines are available on The United Church of Canada website:

  • Financial Handbook for Congregations 2017 (1.75 MB) This handbook includes resources and information for church leaders and treasurers on a variety of current financial and legal issues. Note: Chapter 4: Paying Staff has been revised separately for 2019--see the Pastoral Charge Payroll page for the revised chapter. In July 2017 section 4.22.1 was revised to include acquiring spiritual direction in CELR. In Jan. 2018 the first bullet in section 6.7.1 was revised to say a minimum of two years.
  • Financial Resources Handbook: Abbreviated Edition 2019 (407.67 KB) This handbook summarizes the various financial programs of The United Church of Canada.

Grants and Funds

Regional and National Funding Sources

The United Church of Canada is committed to growing and supporting the life of United Church communities and ministries, and its people. Through generous giving and faithful stewardship, these funds and grants have been made available and are sustained to support learning, healing, growth, new initiatives, first third ministry, and much, much more.

The ProVision and Imagine funds and grants are facilitated by the Pacific Mountain Regional Council. Explore the national church website to learn about the national Vision Fund and The United Church Foundation.

Download the Capital Loans and Grants (Financial Resources Handbook UCC) for the summaries of the various funding resources and programs of The United Church of Canada.

Your community of faith may have its own funds and grants available as well.


Stewardship and Mission & Service

The United Church of Canada website has engaging and information resources to support community of faith stewardship, and explore the mission and service ministry of the United Church



Additional Links

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