This page has information specific to the Regional Council’s Finance and Property. For information and support to Church’s finances, funds and grants please refer to Additional Links for where that information is housed.


Executive Financial Leadership

The Executive Minister of Pacific Mountain Regional Council, Treena Duncan, is responsible for the regional council’s budget and property, following the policies and goals of the Regional Council Executive. In matters related to finances and property, Treena works closely with this team:

  • Houston Mo, PMRC Director of Finance and Property
  • Don Evans, Director of Property Development

Finance Advisory Council

The Finance Advisory Council (FAC) advises the Executive Minister on major financial matters related to the Pacific Mountain Regional Council to ensure a high-quality level of financial management in the Regional Council. It reviews financial statements, considers audit results, helps prepare financial policies, monitors investment returns, discusses significant financial activities and recommends actions.  Current FAC members are:

  • Katie Bowyer
  • Ken Fanning – Chair
  • Jane Harding
  • Mike McCauley
  • Gordon Robinson
  • Larry Scott
  • Ken Tunnicliffe
  • Treena Duncan – Executive Minister
  • Houston Mo – Director of Finance & Property
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