United Church of Canada Pacific Mountain Regional Council Archives

The United Church of Canada Pacific Mountain Regional Council Archives known as ‘The Archives’ holds records of the:

  • founding denominations of The United Church of Canada within B.C., up to 1925
  • Indigenous Church
  • Pacific Mountain Regional Council (formerly BC Conference) of The United Church of Canada.

The Holdings date from 1859 to present (1895-2010 predominant), and approximately 500 communities of faith, including closed congregations, have deposited original records in The Archives!

The Holdings include records created by local communities of faith such as registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials; historic membership rolls and communion rolls; minutes of church boards, committees, and organizations (including women’s groups); printed annual reports of local congregations; congregational newsletters; local church histories; correspondence; and photographs.

Naramata 1967
Naramata 1967

Visiting The Archives

The Archives is open by appointment only. Please contact the archivist to arrange a research visit.

How to Reach the Archives

Street/Mailing Address:
312 Main Street, Suite 320
Vancouver BC, V6A 2T2

Regional Archivist:
Blair Galston
Email: bgalston@united-church.ca

Call toll free in BC 1-800-934-0434
or +1-604-431-0434. Ext. 6358

The Archives on YouTube

Search the Holdings

To search the PMRC Archive Holdings, visit MemoryBC for descriptions of all our collections. Our descriptions on MemoryBC include file lists that give detailed contents. Please note: Unlike larger organizations, we are not able to provide digital copies of documents on our site.

The Central United Church Archives in Toronto give researchers easy access to information on other United Church archives across Canada.

Recent News from The Archives

Dr. Marion Best

By adminalison | February 6, 2018

Marion Best is one of the most widely known women in The United Church of Canada and hardly requires an introduction. In this interview, she …

Dr. Marion Best Read More »

Dr. Donna Runnalls

By adminalison | February 6, 2018

Donna Runnalls has many a captivating story to tell: from traveling overseas to Korea as a missionary in the 1950s … to living and working …

Dr. Donna Runnalls Read More »

Plura Hills Revisited

By adminallankatie | September 2, 2016

A vision is a compelling thing. Have you ever heard someone’s idea of a different way of being, and you were so captivated by the vision that you wondered why it would be any other way?  Of course you have!

If you’re old enough, Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech may have been such a vision for you in 1963. Or, more recently, the call to get on board with the Leap Manifesto, to care for creation and work toward a fossil-free world. “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth …”

Oriental Home and School Photos Online

By reception | April 12, 2016

April 12, 2016

Did you know? The United Church once operated a home and school in Victoria for Chinese and Japanese girls and women. Today, many are surprised to learn this.

Margery Hadley, a professional archivist and member of First Metropolitan United Church in Victoria, has recently completed a digitization project that makes the images of the Oriental Home and School available online. It opens to us a now distant world and its concomitant issues.

Archives submits Residential School records to TRC

By adminalison | July 3, 2015

July 2, 2015

After a thorough search of BC Conference Archives for all records related to Indian Residential Schools, Blair Galston finished submitting all historic and present BC Conference residential school records to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission office in Winnipeg this May.

Maverick Jack comes to Conference Archives

By adminalison | May 12, 2015

Blair Galston, May 11, 2015

Something really special happened at the Archives last month. I received an email from a family that is well-known in these parts—a family of one of the saints of our church: the Rev. Dr. Jack Shaver (1918–2001). They were wondering if the Archives would accept a donation of Jack’s records. Would we!

Pressure Point

By adminalison | March 28, 2015

The Bob Stewart Archives of BC Conference has launched a YouTube channel featuring select digitized episodes of the former television program .

“They say God always opens a window when fate closes a door and in the mid-70s the window turned out to be Community Cable Television.

Nobody thought it would go anywhere; but the indefatigable Lois Boyce was convinced otherwise. She started her (mainly anti-nuclear) cable show while the industry was in its absolute infancy – recruiting fellow students from a BCIT night school course to assist her with the modest production.”

“It was to evolve into Pressure Point, one of the longest-running, volunteer-operated, community television shows in Canadian television history. It ran weekly for 26 years, ceasing production only in 2001, and some of those original volunteers stayed with it almost to the end.

Bob Stewart Archives – Pacific Mountain Region

By adminalison | March 26, 2015

The Bob Stewart (Pacific Mountain Region) Archives are up and running at the new location, and we are once again able to host researchers and accept transfers of archival materials.   Please make an appointment before visiting. This ensures we are available to serve you.

The Bob Stewart Archives
Vancouver, BC
E-mail: Blair Galston
Tel: 604-431-0434, ext. 322

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