A Reflection from the President

Counting the Days

I don’t know about you but for me it has been 42 days since the church doors where I work have been closed.  But who’s counting?  Each of us is experiencing this commitment uniquely and yet there are some themes emerging.  One of those themes I had been hearing about for a while, but had not hit me until recently, is the theme of tiredness.  How is it that I could be feeling so tired when I am staying home? 

I used to dream of having a whole week at home to read a novel, watch movies and not have to get in my car to get to another meeting or appointment.  So now I’m home, 42 days of being home.  And no, I am not reading novels, watching movie marathons or trying to learn new FUN things.  I am tired. 

Town Hall with Moderator Rev. Richard Bott

Join us for this week’s Townhall Conference with Executive Minister Treena Duncan and President Rev. Jay Olson! — and the Moderator of our denomination, Rev. Richard Bott. We are very glad Richard is available to us this week! He will be speaking to us on the topic “Spiritual and Theological practices in a time of Covid-19: ways to give structure to a life in a chaotic time.”  Please let your people know.

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