Ministry & Personnel Committees

We live in a culture where many employer/employee models are practiced in the workplace. However, the Church strives to model employment relationships, which reflect an underlying assumption that we are in Ministry together.

Some Facts about Ministry and Personnel (M&P) Committees

  • Every congregation is required by the manual to have an M&P Committee.
  • The committee makes recommendations to council (or equivalent body), who has the power to act.
  • The M&P Committee has numerous resources available to assist in the work of the committee.
  • The M&P Committee is a confidential consultative body that supports the pastoral relationship.

M&P Committee Membership

  • 3 to 7 members
  • Offer representation of all aspects of the community of faith
  • Not those who hold other offices in church, e.g. Board Chair.
  • Not ministry personnel, staff, or their family members
  • Not any in personal conflict with staff

M&P Meetings

  • Meetings should occur regularly; at minimum every three months
  • Personnel should be invited to meet with the committee periodically

M & P Committee Duties

  • Consultation and support
  • Review work and remuneration
  • Oversee relationship staff/congregation
  • Consult about continuing education
  • Review ‘effectivenes’ re: mission

Some Resources for M&P Committees

  • Government Employment Standards: BC, Yukon
  • United Church of Canada Ministry and Personnel Committees: Policy, Procedures, Practices Handbook
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