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The Learning Platform

Sage Online Learning for United Church Leaders is a one-stop website that hosts trainings, information, and resources specific to the vital work done by Lay Leaders in Pacific Mountain Region's communities of faith.

Organized by topic, each module (course) on the Sage Platform has been uniquely produced for congregational Lay Leaders within the Pacific Mountain Region - though Leaders from any region would benefit from Sage's offerings.

In Each Module You'll Find:

  • Pre-recorded training videos to empower confidence and competency in different Lay Leader roles and responsibilities.
  • Online Quizzes to help reinforce personal learning on each topic.
  • PDF Templates, Policies, and other resources for Lay Leaders to use in congregational engagement, meetings, ministry and planning.

Getting Started

Go to to:

  • Create a Username & Password
  • Browse the Sage Online Courses for the topic(s) in your leadership area(s)
  • Enrol in your course(s)

And begin acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your leadership role!

The Beauty of Sage

Sage invites you into a structured yet relaxed online learning environment. Its offerings are self-directed and self-paced, and -- being online -- all Sage content is available 24/7, so you can log in and learn at the times that work just for you.

Choose the courses and resources that are supportive and helpful to you. Learn and engage at your own pace, and return again (and again) whenever you need a reference, resource, or refresher.

Sage: Online Learning for United Church Leaders:

Sage videos, PDFs, and other materials have been professionally produced so they are enjoyable to watch, work from, and share with your community of faith.

Why, Sage?

The roles the church asks Lay Leaders to take are increasingly complex and require a high degree of knowledge. Supporting the church as a volunteer can be challenging -- Sage is here to support you.

Designed and created for you

  • Sage will help you to become knowledgeable and skilled in your lay leadership role
  • Sage will connect you with other lay leaders in other congregations for support and community
  • Your time is valuable and Sage allows you to access content whenever you need it - a resource you can consult any time
  • Sage is a learning environment, not simply information, where content is presented in a way that is engaging, fun, easy and useful, and allows interaction with others in the same module
  • Sage allows you to learn in a group or in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, with all the resources you will need for your leadership role - a mouse click away

Empowered Equipped Enlivened

Sage Online Learning for United Church Leaders is learning that:


  • to use their gifts to support the life and work of their community of faith
  • to take control of their own learning and development by providing a readily available on demand learning environment
  • to supplement their knowledge base by providing easy access to all the handbooks, information, advice, and support in one location


  • the ministry of lay leaders in the community of faith
  • an online community of learning and support
  • a call to lay leaders to support the spiritual and administrative work of a community of faith
  • connection between lay leaders doing the same roles across the region through role specific communities
  • purpose and excellence in lay leadership


  • with education, skills, tools, and information to support their growth, development, and capacity in their roles within the community of faith
  • with competencies to navigate the roles to which they have been called
  • with a community network to seek peer support and learning
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Sage Online Learning Platform is offered by the Pacific Mountain Regional Council's Lay Leadership Support Team, and hosts other regional ministries such as LeaderSHIFT, First Third Ministry, Justice Ministry Network, and more.

Letter-size Flyer for Sage Online Learning Platform. Please Print and Post in Your Church.
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