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A Living Faith With All Relations

The Indigenous Ministry of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council promotes and initiates traditional ancestral principles to be an integral part of living faith, and trust in God and the Gospel of Christ in all relationships including conflict resolution, rites of passage, purification, and affirmation.

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You are welcome to make financial donations to Indigenous Ministry opportunities in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council.

Calls to the Church

“’The Calls to the Church’ emerged from a process of discernment by the Indigenous church.

The ‘Calls to the Church’ document articulates the Indigenous Church’s vision for the ongoing development of Indigenous Peoples’ mission and ministry and communities of faith within The United Church of Canada. It outlines pathways for the whole church to continue to walk in the Spirit of Christ toward justice, healing, and reconciliation.”

- From The United Church of Canada’s Indigenous Ministries website

The PMRC Indigenous Ministries hopes for all Indigenous and Non-Indigenous United Church people to read and practice the Calls to the Church and build meaningful relationship with Indigenous-church communities in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council.

Rev. John Snow Jr., Indigenous Minister

John is a direct descendant of Treaty 7 signatories and a member of the Stoney Tribe. He is a sun-dancer and pipe-holder in the Nakoda Tradition, and holds an M.A. in Political Science in Public Policy, Law and Administration from the University of Calgary. John is a seasoned speaker, instructor and negotiator for technical oil and gas who has worked with provincial and federal governments to advise on policy, guided by the Treaties, the TRC, and UNDRIP. John has provided insight on Indigenous ways and history by giving presentations and instructing Indigenous courses for Youth to post-graduates, and for the United Church and the Morley Ecumenical Conference.  John has served the United Church of Canada as a student minister in Maskwacis, as a member of the Permanent Committee on Finance, Chinook Winds Regional Executive, and the National Indigenous Council. Read more about Rev John Snow Jr here.

Video, Teachings and Resources

Indigenous Pink Shirt Day 2022 Reflection Video Resources

Rev. John Snow, Indigenous Minister of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council, offers his reflections on Indigenous Pink Shirt Day.

These videos are offered for United Church people to engage with. Communities of faith, ministries and groups are welcome to use these videos for discussion and reflection.

More information about Indigenous Pink Shirt Day can be found here.

All are welcome to attend the Feb 23, 2022 online gathering "Indigenous Pink Shirt Day 2022 – Traditional Teachings of Community Wellbeing". Details are here.

Bring the Children Home

The United Church of Canada is responding to the issue of unmarked burial sites with an initiative called Bringing the Children Home. It is rooted in our demonimation's commitment to TRC Calls to Action 73–76; to reparation; and to our Duty of Care. The details of the initiative are the national church website.

Child-Friendly Calls to Action Resource

There is a child-friendly Calls to Action resource available through First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada:

Download Spirit Bear's Guide to the TRC Calls to Action PDF

Leaders Sharing About Orange Shirt Day

Three Indigenous Leaders offer personal experiences, insights, calls to action and inspiration on the topic of Orange Shirt Day. Click view their videos.

Indigenous Ministry Introduction Project

This video project aims to introduce the different Indigenous Churches around the Pacific Mountain Regional Council. Click the image below to view the videos.

Indigenous Ecumenical Panel for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

View this historic Indigenous dialogue and hear a recording of discussions with Rev. Dr. Danny Zacarias, Fr. Cristino Bouvette, Reverend Beryl St. Germain, Archbishop Mark Macdonald, and Reverend John Snow Jr., hosted by Tony Snow. (Oct 5, 2021)

Indigenous Lenten Series 2021

A look at the Season of Lent (Feb 17 - Mar 31 2021) through an Indigenous Lens. Click to view the 7 sessions.

Recent News from Indigenous Ministries

Written Worship for Palm Sunday April 5, 2020 ~ BC Native Ministries and PMRC

April 2, 2020

As we come to these last weeks to Easter Sunday we look forward to new ways of reflection and worship and prayer.  I have created a written form of worship for you to utilize at your convenience for this coming Palm Sunday April 5, 2020.  This is for you to use, share and celebrate and reflect with as we come closer to Easter Sunday.  Next week I will create and send you more reflection for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  And please send to those that need the support during our time of isolation and solitude.  Create hope in each other’s lives. And may God bless you, your family, community and livelihood during this season of Lent and Easter.

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April 27, 2018

Nemwayut – We are all one.

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