Red Dress Day Townhall

Join us for Red Dress Day on Wednesday May 5
We commemorate the lives of Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirit people who have been lost in our community. We look to our history, the decisions and catalysts that have created the inequalities Indigenous people face today. As we seek to rectify our relationships and reconcile with our Indigenous neighbours in the Calls to Action and the Calls to the Church, we share space with Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirit People who have suffered and continue to suffer by remembering their lives and pledging to do better in our work to help them find equality and justice.

Pacific Mountain & Chinook Winds Townhall Gathering 
Date: May 5 2021
Time: 1pm PT / 2pm MT (1 hour)

Film Screening: Highway of Tears
Time: 6 PM PST (2 hours)
For more information contact Tony Snow at

Red Dress Beaded Pin
Treena Duncan bought the pin shown above from Gwen cMcCarthur, an Indigenous maker who is part of a Facebook group called “Shop Indigenous Women’s Market“. Thanks for the photo, Treena!


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