Affirming & Process Information for the PMRC


Here you’ll find information about the Affirming process work that the PMRC Regional Council is engaging in. There are a few different kinds of information on this page, scroll to catch it all:

  1. Affirming Process Committee Members & Contact Information

  2. Queer Virtue Lenten Book Study 

  3. Queer Virtue YOUTH NIGHT – newly confirmed, yay!

  4. Resources for Communities of Faith


1) Affirming Process Committee Members

  • Sandy Hwang
  • Rev. Tammy Lindhal
  • Pam Rocker (consultant)
  • Rev. Hyuk Cho
  • Rev. Franklyn James
  • Treena Duncan (regional council staff)
  • Rev. Dr. Laura Hermakin (co-chair) Click to email Laura
  • Rev. Dr. Bob Fillier (co-chair) Click to email Bob

2) Queer Virtue Lenten Book Study 

Join the Lenten Study Series co-hosted by Pacific Mountain and Chinook Winds Regional Councils: sign up here (click)!

View the first session’s LIVE talk with book author, Liz Edman, on our YouTube Chanel

3) Queer Virtue YOUTH NIGHT with Liz Edman

Exciting news and CONFIRMED! The Queer Virtue Youth Night with author Rev Liz Edman is happening MARCH 26! All youth/ youth groups and their leaders + grown ups are welcome. You don’t need to have read the book Queer Virtue (and yay if you have). This event is free and fabulous, and part of the PM/CW Regional Council’s Queer Virtue Lenten Book Study!

Please share the registration link widely – church announcements, congregational emails, direct to youth leaders, parents, ministers. 

Queer Virtue YOUTH NIGHT

Live Online Session with Author Rev Liz Edman!

Hosted by Pam Rocker of Affirming Connections

Friday March 26th 6:30pm PT/ 7:30pm MT

REGISTER NOW:…/tZ0lfumoqzkqE9L…

You can find out more about Liz Edman on her Queer Virtue website: the book is inspiring and grounded in healthy, positive Christian identity – we love its info page for so clearly describing what the book is about and how it’s message matters to all Christians, whether straight, gay, queer and everything all around and in between those identities. It’s thrilling that Liz will share Friday March 26th with United Church Youth! We hope that Youth in your community can join us!


4) Resources for Communities of Faith

  • What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality (Lynn Valley United Church)

Click the image open the PDF resource booklet. This booklet was written by the Lynn Valley United Church Affirming Ministries. Click here to learn more about this one community of faith’s Affirming journey.

  • Queer Virtue an Affirming Ministry Series for Children – coming May 7th!

This is a 5 session resource created by United Church people, to engage Children in the Affirming ministry process. Written with both the Leaders and Children in mind, this resource is suitable for online or in-person Sunday School or a mid-week program, with people ages 7-11 years. The sessions are 45 minutes in length, scripted for ease of leading, and explore the virtues named by Rev Liz Edman in the book Queer Virtue. Prayer, art, singing, sacred stories and supply notes are included.
Brought to you by the Affirming Ministry Team of Chinook Winds and the Pacific Mountain First Third Ministry.
Free! Available to download the PDF packet from the PMR First Third Website on May 7 2021
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