March 16 Update from Treena and Jay – recommend halting gathering for services

Dear Friends, 

We are being asked to participate in a generous act.  

This morning both National and Provincial Canadian leadership offered COVID-19 updates, and our Provincial Health Officer Dr. Henry has announced that gatherings of over 50 people are prohibited. We recommend that Communities of Faith and Ministries do not meet for services. Instead we trust that you will continue to find the meaningful and supportive ways to connect and support parishioners, as you and our ministry personnel have already begun so beautifully and compassionately. 

  • Online streaming worship services across our Regional Council are posted on our website HERE.  
  • Our previous recommendations for COVID-19 health and safety practices are HERE.
  • Please also review the most recent requirements from our provincial local health authorities HERE.

Today, we also decided to close the physical Regional Council office, but not suspend the work of our staff and contractors. We are fortunate to have a robust online office presence, including phone lines, and so all staff are still working, business as usual – from the comfort and safety of their homes.   

On Wednesday at 1pm, you and all are invited to join us – Treena, Regional Council Executive Minister and Jay, President – at an online Townhall Conference, via this Zoom link: 

Beloved, continue to lean into the power of prayer and spiritual and mindfulness practices, as well as the physical distancing and cleanliness precautions required of us now, in caring for yourself and one another. Please also remember to keep up givings, and ways for people to give, when not gathering for worship. We invite you to please also place a phone call to our elderly ones who may be the most isolated of all. Hearing a friendly voice can be as healing as anything – for generations, these beautiful ones carried us; it’s up to us now to gently carry them. 


Treena Duncan, Executive Minister 
Rev Jay P. Olson, President 
Pacific Mountain Regional Council of The United Church of Canada  

(Link to March 16 Email Campaign with this letter)

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