We’re hiring!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Dear Friends,

Currently the Pacific Mountain Regional Council employs three people, focused on First Third Ministry. You heard from me last week, that one of those people, Pamela Evans, our First Third Team Lead, will be joining us at this Wednesday’s Townhall gathering to share updates and inspiration from this regional ministry.

Today, we’re pleased to be announcing 5 employment opportunities in the First Third Ministry area, that stem from purposeful changes in the organizational structure of Camp Spirit and campus ministries — Camp Spirit and campus ministries were overseen by presbytery. Now, both are held by the regional council, and now part of decades of intentional and meaningful ministry and leadership with families, children, youth, young adults in our regional council.

Now open and accepting applications are:

  • Administrator: First Third Ministry, PMRC
  • Animator Rural and Indigenous Communities, PMRC
  • Camp Spirit Executive Director, PMRC
  • Campus Minister Animator, PMRC
  • Campus Minister University of Victoria, PMRC

Click here to view all the position details: webpage 

Note: the application deadline for all positions is Tuesday January 26, 2021.

Please share these positions widely! And I hope you’ll attend the January 20th Townhall at 2:30pm on Wednesday to hear more of the vision, oversight details and the positions themselves (and the intro to our Community Forum, by Mauricio!).