We Heard You – Announcing New 2024 Date for Leadership Conference


We, First Third Ministry team, were lucky to hear from many that while you are keen to participate in an Christian, anti-racism conference for leaders of children, youth, families and young adults, the November 2023 dates we had simply couldn’t work for you. While there’s a certain impact felt when changing any event date, we are encouraged by your feedback and have great hope for this anti-racist church leader’s event.

We are extremely pleased to confirm a new date for our First Third Ministry Leadership Conference!


Update All The Calendars

First Third Ministry
Leadership Conference 2024
Anti-Racism Work & Action



Gifts In The Change

We see opportunity with these Spring dates and feel renewed enthusiasm as we begin to develop additional elements to deepen your conference experience! The planning team is already growing partnerships and considering how more sessions and topics might be explored (engaging activism with art, supporting an Indigenous and Racialized Youth & Young Adult Circle, including all-ages considerations or youth empowerment – perhaps?).

But most importantly, it is now possible for you to arrange travel, accommodation, and life’s schedules as needed so that you can participate! The April date also gives you more time to connect with first third ministry colleagues and friends across the region and wider-church, to plan how you can attend the First Third Ministry Leadership Conference: Anti-Racism Work & Action, together.

Yes, Our Exceptional Conference Offerings Remain the Same

Our confirmed line-up of inspiring speakers and guests, the beautiful conference location, and focus of our three-day conference remains unchanged! Varied learning formats and thoughtfully chosen content will empower you to engage key learnings, work, and action required in developing an anti-racist church that thrives. Discovery-based questions and reflection opportunities will help you to compassionately and faithfully examine your own ministry and leadership with the children, families, youth, and young adults in your specific setting. As Spring’s step in your personal anti-racism journey, this conference converges your path with so many others leaders all seeking a new way of being church.

Faithfully Designed for You

Our prayer for you attending this conference is the same as our goals:

May this conference support, equip, and inspire you in your ministry. May you move from acquiring knowledge to living out anti-racist behaviour and action in your own ministry; may your daily life be enriched as well. May the power of being in a Christian-community working for an anti-racist church strengthen the faith and passion in all who participate. May all who want to attend, find themselves attending and with as few barriers as possible. May the fullness of this conference-time expand and deepen our collective potential for creating an anti-racist church in God’s world. May we journey well together. Amen.

Two bursary forms for financial assistance are on the conference website, and course credits for VST students are possible. Please contact Rev. Mary Nichol at any point with your questions, or if you need support getting registered.  And friends, all are warmly welcome. You are warmly welcome – just as you are, no matter your experience of or comfort with anti-racism work and action.


First Third Ministry Team

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