We are part of a generous act – encouraging givings in the midst of COVID-19

We asked Jane Harding to offer some guidance for our Community of Faiths and Ministries, here’s what she’s shared:

“Greetings beautiful people of God!

What a week eh?

I’ve put together a few ideas to share with your Communities of Faith  In the coming days. 

I always defer to my Abundant Thinking, but understand that there might be some angst out there.

People not meeting and physically putting an offering in the plates is a real thing. Although that is the way we have done it for so long, there are other ways. We all have concerns about the impact on our finances. As we know, God’s work is never done. Ministry continues during the week, over months and years. It is immeasurable and powerful in the way it touches people even when we don’t see them face to face.

Please continue your offerings to mission and ministry and/or use another way to make your beautiful gift this week, this month, this year.

In the face of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, as congregations make plans to care for their participants and their communities, many will not gather for worship and have canceled fund-raising events. Many reliable renters will be unable to pay their monthly rent. Of course we will scale back expenses as much as we can but some expenses are a constant. All of this impacts our ability to do our work.

I have attached a summary page here about the use of Canada Helps. It’s a reminder that you can be encouraging people to continue their giving on-line through Canada Helps. Every congregation already has a page on Canada Helps, and RIGHT NOW people can go to the link and make a donation to the congregation. I encourage leaders of congregations to go on and edit their congregation’s area to make it pretty, inviting and compelling. That’s easy, and is part of this attachment.

You can also encourage people make out post dated monthly cheques and put them in the old fashioned mailbox and sign up for PAR (also attached). I suggest that churches edit the PAR form to already have your information on it, making the form as simple as possible for folks to use.

I also encourage people to make up Sundays offering they have missed with a lump sum donation at some point.

Please use any or all of this to help with financial realities of March 2020.

I am working from home and happy to brainstorm other ideas with you.

Blessings on your work,

Jane Harding”


Jane Harding
Stewardship & Gifts Officer, Serving the Pacific Mountain & Chinook Winds Regions
The United Church of Canada/L’Englise Unie du Canada
Email: jharding@united-church.ca  Office:  778-489-5583  Call or text:  604-761-1677


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