ProVision Fund and Grants

Since 2011 Pacific Mountain Regional Council ProVision Funds have made 317 grants to new mission work, totaling $4.2 million in support!

Over the years, the ProVision Fund has supported programs and ministries such as a Breakfast Program, a Centre for Connection and Reconciliation, Camp Spirit summer day camps, podcasts, and more. Read the ProVision Fund report 2019 (pdf).

ProVision Grants

Wondering How to Apply?

ProVision Fund applications are reviewed three times each year. The deadlines to submit applications are February 15, May 15, and October 15.

Grants will be given for projects with one or more of the following purposes:

  • Research and analysis of present local (all of PMRC) church life in society.
  • The fostering or creation of vibrant new forms of ministry.
  • Training and/or support of church leadership.
  • The promotion of multicultural and intergenerational ministries.
  • The development and establishment of community-based ministries (possibly partnering with other agencies).

General instructions and worksheets are available to help you prepare your ProVision Grant application.


Requesting a Grant


The worksheets are tools to help fill out the form, to foster discussion, and to understand the actual application and submission of a ProVision Grant. You can view the worksheets online or download the PDFs.


Once you are ready to start your application please use the Start Application link below. Do not submit the worksheet as your application.


Once you’ve had your ProVision application approved, you can request your funds by completing the following forms:

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