Stroll for Your Soul ~ 21 days of a Spring Spiritual with The PrayerBench, gifted to you!

Dear friends in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council,

It takes 21 days to create a habit, and we have a beautiful-habit-forming resource to share with you! It’s free access to The PrayerBench’s Stroll for Your Soul. We’re offering it as a gift to all Pacific Mountain Regional Council people, hoping it will offer you some joy and time outdoors this month. We have worked with Janice MacLean, and her ministry The PrayerBench in many ways over the years, and again appreciate her gifts and presence in our midst!

Stroll for Your Soul begins this Saturday, May 14th!

We are excited for this 2022 Stroll for Your Stroll –  a collaboration between Janice MacLean and Caroline Bindon of Kereru Publishing in New Zealand! You are warmly invited to welcome sign up for this subscription – just for yourself as part of our PMRC Group, or create your own Group within the PMRC access, with people you’d like to share this experience with,

Stroll for Your Soul offers 21 days of accompaniment through a brief email sent from Janice and Caroline, delivered early each morning to your inbox. Each email will offer a practice, or a reflection, or a poem, or a photograph giving direction and encouragement for your time spent walking or jogging or biking or even skateboarding during that day.

Whether a regular walker/ roller, or new to daily movement inspired by this invitation, the emails soon arriving to your inbox offer practice at paying attention and being in the present moment. Weave silence and mindful reflection into whatever minutes you have to give to yourself. Deepen your awareness of seeing the Divine in the ordinary and practice being in the present moment.

Along with Janice, we pray this practice may help you to notice the ‘green and growing glories of Spring’, experience an expression of togetherness in a practice shared by others in our region. You may enjoy connecting with other ‘Strollers’ across the region on this Facebook Group being volunteer-moderated by Rev. Karen Millard (thanks, Karen!).


Treena Duncan

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