Pressure Point

The Bob Stewart Archives of BC Conference has launched a YouTube channel featuring select digitized episodes of the former television program, Pressure Point.

Rod Booth“They say God always opens a window when fate closes a door and in the mid-70s the window turned out to be Community Cable Television. Nobody thought it would go anywhere; but the indefatigable Lois Boyce [United Church of Canada BC Conference volunteer] was convinced otherwise. She started her (mainly anti-nuclear) cable show while the industry was in its absolute infancy – recruiting fellow students from a BCIT night school course to assist her with the modest production [including R. Wayne Carlow who continued on as the program’s production director throughout much of its duration]. It was to evolve into “Pressure Point,” one of the longest-running, volunteer-operated, community television shows in Canadian television history. It ran weekly for 26 years, ceasing production only in 2001, and some of those original volunteers stayed with it almost to the end.” 

— Rod Booth, then United Church of Canada BC Conference Broadcasting Director, first host and producer of Pressure Point

Pressure Point covered a wide range of social and religious issues of concern to the United Church community and beyond. It was a series production on Interchurch Television, which was supported primarily by BC Conference of The United Church of Canada. From the beginning, Interchurch Television was an ecumenical venture with its own bank account and elected officers. 
In 1984 when Rod Booth moved to Toronto to take on the United Church's national TV programming, Barbara Anderson was his successor as BC Conference Communication staff. Later when this staff position was phased out, Eva Manly and Brad Newcombe took over as host/producers of Pressure Point.
In 2014, the BC Conference Archives received a grant to digitize 47 of over 700 television episodes of Pressure Point. Episodes that reflect BC content have been selected for digitization, and can be viewed on the BC Conference Archives YouTube channel or by selecting from the following thematic categories.
BC Conference Archives acknowledges the financial support of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre of the University of British Columbia, through the BC History Digitization Program.



Addressing First Nations Claims

This Land Is Not Our Land, Part 1 1986 George Searcy with Neil Sterritt, Alvin Dixon, & panelists re Native land claims.
This Land Is Not Our Land, Part 2 1986 George Searcy with Neil Sterritt, Alvin Dixon, & panelists re Native land claims.  
Treaty Negotiations in BC 1986 Valerie Dudoward with Grand Chief Edward John and Chief Joe Becker.  
Unsettled Claims 1990 Brad Newcombe's interview with Jennie Jack re Indian land claims.  
Canadian Justice Must Prevail – The Nisgaa Land Question 1995 Valerie Dudoward with Nelson Leeson.  
Resolving the Land Question Together 1995 Brad Newcombe and Valerie Dudoward with Hon. John Cashore, BC Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, re Native Land Claims.  

Preserving First Nations Culture and Heritage

Native Spirituality, Part 1 1986 Alvin Dixon's interview with Marie Wilson and Vi Smith.  
Native Spirituality, Part 2 1986 Alvin Dixon's interview with Marie Wilson and Vi Smith.  
Discovery 1995 Marilou Carrillo with Charlotte Sullivan.  
I7imesh – Following in the Steps of Our Ancestors 1997 Carla Robinson with Ian Campbell and Delhia Nahanee re “Spakwus Slulum” the Squamish Nation traditional music and dance group they belong to, including performance segments by the 8-member group.  
Remembering Our History with First Nations People 2000 Brad Newcombe with Jessie Oliver, Diaconal Minister, The United Church of Canada.  

Reflecting on the Indian Residential Schools

A Native Brothers Story 1985 Ray Jones tells the story of his life journey to Alvin Dixon.  
Broken Children – Wounded Adults 1995 Valerie Dudoward on Indian Residential Schools with Harriet Nahanee, Larry Loyie, & Trud Huebner.  
Rebirth in the Face of Darkness 1996 Valerie Dudoward with Residential Schools survivor, Willie Blackwater.  
Learning How We Went Astray 1997 Valerie Dudoward with Shirley Harding, Coordinator for the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster, and former United Church of Canada Moderator, the Very Rev. Robert Smith re church responses to Indian Residential schools.  
The Struggles over an Apology 1997 Carla Robinson with Residential School survivor Willie Blackwater and United Church of Canada General Council youth delegate Lauren Lee, re the United Church’s apology to Native Peoples at its recent General Council Meeting in Camrose Alberta.  
The Residential School Project 2000 Brad Newcombe with Bob Joseph, Shane Pointe, & Sharon Thera.  
Questions about Residential Schools 2001 Brad Newcombe with the Rev. Dr. Brian Thorpe.  

Promoting Diversity and Multiculturalism

A Century of Service 1988 Barbara Anderson’s interview with the Rev. James Pan, alongside musical performances celebrating 100 years of Vancouver’s Chinese United Church.  
The Wanderer 1989 Ken Wotherspoon's interview with United Church of Canada Moderator, the Rt. Rev. Sang Chul Lee.  
Multiculturalism 2001 1990 Barbara Anderson's interview with Dr. Brian Teixeira.  
Overcoming Racism 1992 May Komiyama, President of BC Conference, talks about growing up Japanese in WWII Canada and the role of the Christian faith in her life.  
Finding and Reclaiming Our Voices – Asian-Canadian Women Speak 1993 Marilou Carillo talks with Dr. May Komiyama, Dr. Greer Anne Ng, and Jin-Sun Yoon.  

Reaching Out to the Underprivileged

Christ in the Inner City 1980 Filmed on location in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, this video portrays the work of First United Church, St. James Social Service, and the Salvation Army.  Host is Doug Goodwin, student and the Vancouver School of Theology.  
A Place to Call Home 1984 Rod Booth interviews John Cashore of First United Church (Vancouver) and Lawrence Bentleman of the First Church Housing Society, talking about Bill Hennessey Place, affordable housing for people on welfare.  
Homes for the Homeless 1987 Barbara Anderson's interview with Henri Lock, President of First Church Housing Society.  
Forget Me Not – Adoption Reunion 1996 Valerie Dudoward with Cecelia Reekie and Nancy Kato of the Forget Me Not Family Society.  
Inner City Children – A Child Is Not a Toy 1996 Brad Newcombe and Marilou Carrillo with Sheila Baxter, Milton Hsu, Gary Gaudin, & Liz Allen.  
Open Door 1996 Brad Newcombe with the Rev. Allen Tysick of Victoria’s Open Door ministry with street people.  
Responding to the Homeless Crisis 1997 Brad Newcombe with Judy Graves (Manager, Vancouver Tennant Assistance Program), & John Van Luven (Executive Director, St. James Society Community Services) re how agencies are working together to address the problem of Vancouver’s homeless.  
The Changing Face of Homelessness 1997 Brad Newcombe with Karen O’Shannacery and Doug Peat.  
Urban Native Youth 1997 Brad Newcombe with Rob Lind.  

Making History

WCC Assembly Hi-Lites #1 1983 Highlights and drama of the World Council of Churches Sixth Assembly held in Vancouver, August 1983.  
WCC Assembly Hi-Lites #2 1983 Highlights and drama of the World Council of Churches Sixth Assembly held in Vancouver, August 1983.  
A Mark in Church History 1985 Lois Boyce interviews the Rev. Dr. Lydia Gruchy, the first woman to be ordained to the ministry in the United Church of Canada.  
One Hundred Years Later 1985 In Port Simpson with the Thomas Crosby V, celebrating 100 years of United Church work on the BC Coast.  
Vancouver School of Theology – A look Back and a Step Forward 1987 Barbara Anderson’s interview with the Rev. Dr. Gerald Hobbs and the Rev. Lynne McNaughton.  
From the Trapline to the Pulpit 1988 Barbara Anderson's interview with the Rev. Bill Robinson.  
Two Centuries of Coastal Mission 1989 Bishop Remi de Roo, Rev. Bill Howie, and Ron Shepherd tell West Coast Mission stories.  
Affirm – 10 Dynamic Years 1992 Brad Newcombe talks with Affirm Members Bill Siksay and Rosemary Carnahan about the struggle for gay rights in Canada and within the Church.  
A Conversation with the Rev. Tim Stevenson 1993 Brad Newcombe talks with the Rev. Tim Stevenson about his pilgrimage as one of the first openly gay candidates for ordination in the United Church of Canada.  
Marion Best  

Living in the Christian Community

Todays Youth, Tomorrows Church 1981 Rod Booth and a panel of United Church young people.  Tricia Dixon, Kent O’Neil, and Alison Gear look at the state of the youth movement in the contemporary church.  
An Interview with the Moderator 1984 Ken Wotherspoon interviews new United Church Moderator, the Rt. Rev. Robert Smith, talking about his childhood and the justice issues facing the church.  
Learning in Community, The Naramata Experience 1985 George Searcy's interview with Rev. Bob Stobie, Director of Naramata Centre.  
Songs for a Gospel People 1987 Barbara Anderson interviews the Rev. Dr. Gerald Hobbs, with performance by the Vancouver School of Theology choir.  
Meet the Moderator – Marion Best 1994 Marilou Carrillo and Brad Newcombe with United Church of Canada Moderator, Marion Best.  
Journey to Healing 1996 Valerie Dudoward and Brad Newcombe with Shirley Harding and Graeme Keirstead.  
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