Online Festival of Biblical Telling

Hello friends,

This April 22nd to 24th, the Online Festival of Biblical Telling will take place. Every year, storytellers from across Canada, along with India, the USA and abroad, gather to hone their storytelling skills and repertoire in this  2 1/2-day festival.

John Snow Jr. will help to anchor this festival with a Keynote Address. There are Workshops led by a wide variety of highly skilled instructors in the areas of  The Craft of Telling, The Tech of Telling and Telling with Sensitivity. Story Theatre will give you the opportunity to perform and experience biblical telling. Friday evening features our annual Epic Telling – a tag-team telling of “Encounters with Jesus in the Gospel of John”. Saturday evening features an online Concert by multiple Juno award winning singer-songwriter, Steve Bell.

More information about the Festival is available here, on Leadershift’s website.

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