Pastoral Relations

What is pastoral relations policy?

Ordered ministers and designated lay ministers, while in paid accountable ministry positions, are office-holders within The United Church of Canada. While there may be elements similar to employment, the essential nature of the relationship is a covenant.

Statement on Ministry in The United Church of Canada (2012)

The special status of ministry personnel requires the church to write policy that governs the relationship between paid accountable ministry personnel and communities of faith. The policy that governs this relationship is Pastoral Relations Policy. It also governs search, selection, calls, and appointments between ministry personnel and communities of faith within The United Church of Canada.

Pastoral Relations Policy is set by the General Council and implemented cooperatively by our Communities of Faith and Regional Councils. In our Pacific Mountain Regional Council, we support the success of our ministry personnel and national church policy with our Pastoral Relations Coordinator and Region Ministers:

Pacific Mountain Regional Council Pastoral Relations Manager

Brenda Wolff
1-800-934-0434 (toll free in BC)/ 604-431- 0434
Ext. 6352

Pacific Mountain Regional Council Regional Ministers: Pastoral Relations & Community of Faith Support

Lower Mainland West Marc Coulombe 6355
Lower Mainland East Kathy Davies 6357
Thompson-Okanagan Allison Rennie 6364
Islands Gail Miller 6360
Kootenays Kathy Davies 6357
North Victoria Andrews 6353

Blue Map Series

The Blue Map series (August 2019) is a visual tool to help communities of faith identify which Regional Minister is supporting them, and in what general (not fixed) geographical area. Please send any corrections or queries about the content of the Blue Maps to Brenda Wolff. Please feel free to save and print the Blue Map images to share with your people. 

Ministry Profiles and Searches – using the online tool of ChurchHub

ChurchHub is established and regularized by General Council as the required process for ministry personnel and communities of faith to search for calls and appointments.

What is Church Hub? is part of a significant shift in the life of our church and how we live out our call to ministry and discipleship. It is both a policy that was passed by General Council to be “regularized as the required process for ministry personnel and communities of faith to search for calls and appointments”, and the support structure (tool) for communication between the denomination, ministry personnel, communities of faith and members who participate in regional and denominational ministry. 

For more information about ChurchHub, a tutorial on your first log-in and how to complete ChurchHub forms, see the national United Church ChurchHub Information webpage.

How do we use ChurchHub?

  • All Ministry Personnel and Pastoral Charge Communities of Faith have received an invitation to join ChurchHub.
  • If you or your community haven’t received your invitation, we may have an outdated email. Please email with your updated information.
  • After you have logged into ChurchHub, you may find this ChurchHub Cheat-Sheet helpful as you become familiar with how add or access Ministry Profile and Search information

Pastoral Relations Forms

Pulpit Supply

  • Pacific Mountain Regional Council is creating a list of people available for Pulpit Supply. It is open to people who are ordained, diaconal, designated lay ministers (recognized), candidates, or licensed lay worship leaders. If you would like to be on the Pulpit Supply list, please fill out this form.
  • Communities of Faith looking for someone for Pulpit Supply can email Brenda Wolff.

Racial Justice and Boundaries Trainings

Ministry personnel are expected to maintain healthy professional relationships. These two trainings, Racial Justice and Sexual Misconduct Prevention, govern the practice of professional ministry; the webinars for both trainings are at on the United in Learning website. All ministers are required to complete these training requirements. 

  •  Racial Justice Training To work together for racial justice within our church and as a “whole people of God” with a “priesthood of all believers,” racial justice workshops are open to both lay people and ministry personnel.

  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training The United Church is committed to providing a safe environment for worship, work, and study in all pastoral charges, congregations, institutions, agencies, organizations, or other bodies that operate under its name.