Implementing Reconciliation ~ National Indigenous History Month

Dear Friends,

All are invited to our regional gatherings and discussions of the Calls to the Church and implementing Reconciliation. Join Rev. John Snow Jr., Tony Snow, Gloria Snow and Elder Glenda Crawler and Trudy Wesley on these important regional perspectives.

This is a series of review for the Calls to the Church from a Regional perspective. We are humbled to speak, teach, and share Indigenous views on these and many other reconciliation issues.

Join us with PMRC and Chinook Winds as we continue a pilgrimage of learning and journey to healing.

John Snow
Indigenous Minister PMRC

Implementing Reconciliation

Pacific Mountain and Chinook Winds Regions are pleased to present “Implementing Reconciliation” for our continuing discernment of the Calls To The Church and Calls to Action from a regional perspective. Join our discussion on what implementing reconciliation looks like for your community of faith.

Dates: May 31 and  June 1, 2, 3, 2022

Time: 7pm PT/8pm MT

Register through JotForm at this link.

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