General Council Re-Gathers Tomorrow for Decision Sessions and Election of Moderator

General Council 44 re-gathers tomorrow, July 21 to July 25, for Decision Sessions and Election of Moderator. We pray safe travels, steady energy, and Spirit-guided decision making for all General Council Delegates, leaders and staff, with gratitude for your serving God and The United Church of Canada in this one way of creating God’s kindom on earth. Amen.
If you are interested in attending the remaining GC44 as a Visitor, you can register for PheedLoop (opens in a new tab) or watch the live feed on The UCC YouTube (opens in a new tab).

Decision Sessions

To read about proposals to General Council 44 and suggestions for ways forward on them, you can go to The United Church Commons, which is a publicly accessible SharePoint folder. The file path to General Council 44 is: United Church Commons Public Documents > Shared-Publicly > Governance > General Council > 44th General Council (2022). In the folder ‘6. Facilitation Team – What we heard from the Discussion Sessions‘ is the PDF ‘Facilitation Team Notes – Suggested Ways Forward (June 29, 2022)‘, which summarizes the discussions from the Small Groups and action suggestions.

Election of Moderator

It’s lovely to hear Rev Carmen Lansdowne‘s voice, sharing her thoughts and reflection on call to be the 44th Moderator of the United Church of Canada. You can read more about Carmen on the Moderator Nominee page on The Election of Moderator is currently scheduled for July 22, 2022 (see the draft agenda here).
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