Faith @ Home Magazines – Now through the United Church Bookstore!

We are so thrilled to be able to announce that the Faith@Home Magazines that are created by your First Third Ministry Team of Pacific Mountain and Chinook Winds Regional Councils are now hosted at the United Church Bookstore!

Order here:

DISCOUNTS – We still want to make this accessible for all communities of faith in our regions. If you need a 50% or 100% off to share the magazines with your folks, please email and request the code link.

ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY JANUARY 31st to receive the Lent, Holy Week, Easter issue of the magazine as your first issue for 2023.  On February 1, all those who have ordered will receive a digital copy of the Lent, Holy Week, Easter 2023 magazine as well as a list of suggested materials you might include with the magazine when giving to families and worship and intergenerational ideas you might use in your community of faith.

Order the magazines for 2023  and share the 4 issues that follow the liturgical seasons of the Christian year (and the lectionary) full of amazing and creative spiritual practices, prayers, crafts, games, and activities with the families in your community of faith.  Some communities send these by mail to their families, others give them out on a Sunday morning or share a new subscription with a family who celebrated baptism with their congregation…many different ways to share these excellent resources. 

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