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Dear friends,

You may have received Treena Duncan’s email message on Saturday (click here to read), and included Rev Murray Pruden’s prayer found within, in Sunday’s worship, or attended one of Reconciliation Canada’s online gatherings (still available to watch on their Facebook page) to learn more about Indian Residential School experiences – past and present.

Today, people are continuing to show their acknowledgement, pain and care in many ways – sharing their own stories of themselves and family members in and affected by Indian Residential School abuse and trauma, wearing orange shirts and pins from September’s collective Orange Shirt Day, setting out pairs of children’s shoes at significant sites, placing teddy bears on the front step and leaving their porch light lit, hanging red dresses in public places . Canada’s governments, schools and agencies are flying their flags at half mast, some for 215 until June 6.

We know that this is not enough, and it is something. Faithfully, heart-achingly, persistently Indigenous truths are shared, and steadily Non-Indigenous people are called to listen and act. Some ways that sharing and listening is offered for all in the regional council is online –  as well as the warm invitation to get to know the Indigenous Churches in this regional council.

Here are some ways to pause:

This week, LeaderShift is hosting the 4-evening series “Calls of the Church: Listening to the Wisdom of the Elders“. Indigenous Ministers from our regional council and Chinook Winds regional council, Rev John Snow Jr and Tony Snow of the Stoney Plains nation, are leading this event. Registration remains open, and this event is free. Click here to register (add to cart, then checkout)

Grace and empathy as we enter this week, together,

Tressa Brotsky

PMRC Communications



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