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Serving the Regional Council

Councils, working groups, and advisory groups of the Regional Council are powered by United Church volunteers. People of the Regional Council are invited to be deeply involved the areas of church governance and leadership that they have experience in, or passion for. Click here to learn more about the Nominations Committee and what it means to volunteer for the regional council.

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Current Regional Council Openings

Note: The Regional Council Nominations Committee have one online application form for all the positions, whether self-nominating and when nominating another.


OPEN: Lay Leadership Support Committee

Do you have a desire to promote the role of lay people in your community of faith and surrounding area? The Lay Leadership Committee is seeking 1 new member. The Terms of Reference for the Pastoral Relations Council describe the responsibility of the Lay Leadership (Support) Committee (on page 2). To achieve diversity in our membership, we are seeking specifically, but not limited to: Indigenous and Racialized members, Designated Lay or Laity.

Current Employment Opportunities

To submit a paid employment opportunity in your community of faith or ministry please email the details to

NOTE: Vacancies for Ministry Personnel (Ordered, Diaconal, Designated Lay Ministers) are now found only on ChurchHub.

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