A Service Dedicated to Supporting Palestinians in Their Struggle

A Service Dedicated to Supporting Palestinians in their Struggle

In 2017 Ineke Medcalf travelled to Palestine, and found herself in the middle of a tear gas attack by the Israeli military. Helped and cared for by teenage Palestinians for whom this was a regular occurrence, she found that they were more worried about her safety than about their own. This moment of grace in the midst of danger has stayed with her ever since.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on so long that it’s easy to tune it out – headlines from today could be headlines from twenty years ago, forty years ago. It is the stories of the people involved, like these young Palestinians who are regularly tear-gassed, who make it real.

We offer this worship service as a mean of reconnecting with the people who live this conflict. Through image, song, testimony, prayer and preaching, we are invited into the lives of Palestinian Christians who are gracious enough to share their faith with us. Come hear the stories of Jesus’ homeland, and let us sing, weep, and rejoice with the people of the land where Jesus sang, wept, and rejoiced.

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