Person wearing a face mask holding out a small sign that reads Vote It's A Necessary Ingredient

2021 Canadian Election – Resource to Help you Engage the Candidates

From The United Church of Canada national office, this a positive and useful tool for asking questions of, and engaging those running for public office and the leadership of our country on topics of justice and wellness for all!
“God’s people are called to faithfully engage with the world around them. Many United Church communities of faith answer God’s call by feeding those who are hungry, housing those who are homeless, and advocating with vulnerable persons. Choosing to vote is another way to answer to God’s call. People of faith can bring God’s vision of fullness of life for all our relations into the conversation, setting an agenda for the election campaign and for the resulting government. We can work toward a world in which the welfare of one is the welfare of all. United Church people through the decades have made and continue to make their voices heard on significant justice issues. In 2021 contribute your voice and vote!”
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