Welcoming New PMR Reception & Administrative Support Staff Person ~ Rishabh Dhamjia

Dear Friends,

Please join the regional council team in welcoming to our front desk, Rishabh Dhamjia (he/him/his)!

Rishabh’s duties are largely as when Alexandra Barr was in this role: Reception presence at 6000 Sussex Ave, shared with Jubilee United community of faith; Administrative support to regional staff and ministry areas; Editing and sending of the region’s weekly Community Connections newsletter.

We are delighted to for all the ways the community and the work of the region will be enhanced by the skills and experiences that Rishabh possesses. Having wealth of administrative experience relevant to the Reception & Administrative Support role, a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) from Simon Fraser University and Certificate of Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) from Project Management Institute Vancouver, Rishabh also is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), has executive assistant experience, and is well equipped with the United Church of Canada’s key office platform, as well as many  more systems.

When asked to share a bit about himself, beyond his professional skills and experiences, Rishabh says, “I moved to Vancouver 13 years ago to go and study at SFU. I moved to Vancouver, Canada from India to work on my personal and professional goals such as going to a university and having a better job after graduation. I am passionate about working on agile projects. I have hobbies such as going for hikes, working out and seeking out beautiful lakes.” For those in the region’s network and communities who are English, Hindi, Panjabi, Punjabi speakers, Rishabh is fluent in each.

Rishabh’s first day in this position was Monday, January 8th.

On behalf of entire Pacific Mountain Regional Council, blessings on you and your work with the regional council, Rishabh!


Tressa Brotsky
Communications Specialist PacificMountain.ca

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