Webinar: Faithful Footprints – what it is, and how it helps your energy costs

Dear Friends,

The Pacific Mountain Justice Network is excited to host Cari Kilmartin on Tuesday evening, October 18! You’ll want to know about this because Cari works with Faithful Footprints, and Faithful Footprints exists to help United Churches with “inspiration, tools, and grants to help us live our climate commitments.”

Cari is the western representative for the United Church initiative, FaithfulFootprints.ca. She’s leading our short webinar to teach folks in our regional council how Faithful Footprints works, and ways for your community of faith to utilize its resources.

This webinar is ideal for those in your church with property and book-keeping roles, as well as clergy, board members, and climate justice committee members or activists from your community of faith. All are welcome! For more information please contact Jane Dawson, Regional Minister for Justice: JDawson@united-church.ca


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