We stand with our siblings in Christ at Ladner United Church

At the Pacific Mountain Region, we stand with our Siblings in Christ at Ladner United Church, who faced acts of vandalism and bigotry in May. As an Affirming community of faith, they shine love & belonging for all of God’s people. Read the letter from Minister Nancy Painter, as sent out to her congregation, here.

It’s hard not to get angry when someone acts like this. But when the disciples asked Jesus how many times they had to forgive their brother (“Seven times?” Peter asked), Jesus said seventy times seven (Matthew 18: 22). He didn’t mean you can stop forgiving after 490 instances; the number was metaphorical, to mean always.

But forgiveness doesn’t mean acceptance. We can and should forgive the person(s), but it doesn’t mean we have to accept the hatred behind their actions. Hatred such as this is often the result of deep-seated fear of anything different, reinforced by associates and organizations that share hateful beliefs.

We’re not taking down our Pride flags any time soon. Already today, several people and organizations have contacted us to offer their support, and their thanks for our stand on this issue. In his time, Jesus associated with quite a few people his culture didn’t think worthy, but his enduring message was that all are worthy as children of God.

A member of the community visited LUC overnight, leaving this gift of love on their lawn! Love Wins!

Ladner United Church was visited by students from Delta Secondary School, who decorated the church with the above chalk drawings!



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