United Against Hate

From our friends at Affirming Connections:

Over the past year, we have seen a clear rise in malicious misinformation, conspiracy theories, threats, and violence that  target drag performers and trans people. In 2021 alone, hate crimes against the queer community rose by 64%, and this number continues to rise.

Family-friendly, age-appropriate drag storytime performances for children have become frequent targets of hatred and protests. This puts unnecessary strain on a community of performers participating in a beautiful and deeply-rooted art form and medium for gender expression. It also stokes the flames of bigotry against anyone perceived to go against rigid gender “norms” and puts drag performers, as well as trans and gender-nonconforming people, at higher risk of receiving harassment and abuse.

Much of this abuse and misinformation is connected to Christian far-right groups, and is sometimes couched explicitly in a theological defense.

We believe that a religious attack calls for a religious response. It is the responsibility of those who identify as people of faith, faith leaders, and faith communities, to actively refute these kinds of bigotry, both within their own groups and the wider community.

We invite you to add your name to this letter to let others know that you publicly stand with drag performers and the 2SLGBTQ+ folks who have been facing the brunt of these threats. Your voice on this issue truly matters.

We also encourage you to discuss this issue with your faith community and/or broader community, and together to commit to further actions. We will be posting the letter and signers on our website in the coming days and adding to it as people sign on. Please share!

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