The Pacific Mountain United Church Women Banner

The Pacific Mountain United Church Women Banner was created by Chub Gosse, June Pratt and Beth Henderson of Peninsula United, Surrey, BC. The Tree of Life represents Hope. The mountains, trees and sea evoke images of the Pacific Mountain Region. Bits of real beach glass and tiny starfish along the bottom add a touch of the real world to their creation. The three women holding hands represent United Church Women who have worshiped and worked together to support the United Church of Canada for 60 years. The banner was dedicated at the Peninsula UCW Service on Sunday, June 12. 2022. Eleven women traveling to Sydney, Cape Breton, NS will be proud to take the banner to the 60th Anniversary celebration (July 11-15, 2022) to have it displayed with the other 15 Regions of the United Church of Canada. There will be an opportunity to have the banner displayed in your church if you wish.

With thanks,

Winnie Kowalewich
Pacific Mountain UCW Chair


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