The Pacific Mountain Prayer Cycle, begining this Summer 2023

Friends in Pacific Mountain Regional Council,

We are so glad to be sharing what is an enduring practice of collective prayer in our region:  The 2023-2024 Prayer Cycle is now available! You will find the PDF here on our Online Worship Directory page (click).

It is our sincere hope that your community of faith is named; we know that sometimes communities get overlooked and that feels really awful; it is not our intention.  

We also know that you might feel as though your particular group / category is missing. Again, our intention is that we are praying for communities of faith in the Region including church plants and some specialized ministries.

If you are retired, or a licensed lay worship leader, or serve the church in some other way, it is our hope that you feel included in the prayers when we pray for the community in which you find yourself grounded. We have tried to include many ways for folks to be recognized and prayed for – please know that each of you, and your ministries, are deeply valued.  

If you have any comments or concerns about the prayer cycle, please contact Graham Brownmiller at 



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