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The Archives & History Committee :: PMR Nominations

The Archives and History Committee is mainly an advisory body that works with the Regional Archivist to discern priorities for the archives program and for engaging the church in its history and heritage. The commitment is small: three 2-hour meetings a year.

Currently the committee is seeking one member, but will be seeking two additional members within the next year.

The Archives and History Committee is currently working on a variety of projects related to decolonization and reconciliation with Indigenous communities.

Our vision:

  • Keeping our story alive in all its complexity (its beauty and tragedy)
  • Offering a place of sanctuary and reflection; sheltering our space of access
  • Welcoming, affirming, and accessible to all

 Our current set of goals:

  • Engage with Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and co-working community at 312 Main
  • Become more accessible to all – in particular, Indigenous peoples and cultural groups represented in the Archives
  • Commit to decolonizing the Archives

Some of the things we’re working on or toward:

  • Digitization projects in partnership with the Residential School History & Dialogue Centre (UBC) and other community partners (e.g. Vancouver Japanese United Church)
  • Rebuilding relationships with Indigenous communities, working together for respectful stewardship and/or repatriation of related records
  • Narrative history program (UNDRIP and TRC-informed), in part to help counteract erasure of marginalized groups from our history

The terms of reference for The Archives & History Committee are found here (click for PDF).

The PMR Archives page is here (click).

Volunteering with the Regional Council

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