Temporary One Time Variance for In-Person Easter Worship & Outdoor Variance Guidelines and Information

25 March 2021


As anticipated, Dr Henry has released some new regulations regarding worship. It is clear that the numbers are still climbing and that public gatherings are still a risk. I encourage you, as always, to carefully consider the decisions and their impact on the most vulnerable among you.

For the Easter Season there has been a temporary variance issued to allow limited in-person worship. Gatherings may have no more that 50 people or 10% of the sanctuary capacity, whichever is less. The building should be well ventilated, and windows should be open. We have been instructed by the public health authority to identify the dates for which the variance will apply within our denomination.  The purpose of the variance is to accommodate our holy days.  As such, these dates are the only dates that indoor worship are allowed within the Pacific Mountain Region.

  • March 28 – Palm Sunday
  • April 1 – Maundy Thursday
  • April 2 – Good Friday
  • April 4 – Easter Sunday

Going forward, outdoor worship will also be allowed for groups of up to 50 people, or for drive-in 50 cars provided that everyone stays in their vehicle. If you are using a tent for protection, it must be open sided.

Please note that you must follow all of the guidelines in the health order. Please refer to the PDF documents for detailed information from the Province of BC:

For quick reference here are some highlights for both indoor and outdoor worship:

  • People must pre-register their attendance and appropriate records be maintained for contact tracing
  • Gatherings following worship of any size are not permitted (no coffee, picnics, group Easter egg hunts)
  • Social distancing protocols must be maintained
  • Cleaning protocols must be followed (see previous PMRC regional guidance)
  • Worship leaders must wear a mask or be more than 3m distance from the congregation
  • Congregational singing is NOT permitted under any circumstances
  • Soloist / musicians are allowed (up to 5 in total and included in your total person count), following appropriate social distancing and masking protocols
  • Communion must be individual / single-serve, no other food is permitted.

I wish you all the best as you journey through the final days of lent, and may you experience the joy of the resurrection even in the midst of this pandemic. Your regional staff will be holding you in prayer.


Treena Duncan, Executive Minister 


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