Modeling Deep Care and Compassion

As individuals, a church, and church leaders, we are continually reflecting on what it means to be church during COVID-19. We are tending a communal relationship to COVID-19, and bolstering our health and awareness in church and ministry practices for the benefit of all.

The church is of multi-generational communities of faith and ministry who meet for worship, work and community. We are unique in being one of the few places in society where we gather across generational divides, and many in our communities of faiths are seniors and elders. As people of God, we are called to make decisions based on care taking, as much as possible, of all our members. Sometimes that requires a lot of creativity, extra communication and mindful limits.

When we think about coming together as our church, navigating public interactions and close greetings, we invite you to remember that we can share the word of God and love of Jesus in creative and positive ways that aren’t limited by COVID-19 or any flu. See the PMRC Online Worship Directory.

The most up-to-date messages from Treena Duncan, Executive Minister, and PMRC Staff are at the bottom of this page under 'COVID-19 PMRC News & Updates'

Online Worship Directory


While following provincial health orders, many United Churches in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council have found ways to gather and worship online using Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, and more. You are warmly welcome to attend!

From COVID-19 Safety Plans to communicable disease prevention


Health officials in BC have moved our province from COVID-19 Safety Plans to Communicable Disease Prevention. Click here for the latest email from Treena Duncan on the topic (June 30, 2021).

The staff and leadership of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council are committed to following the health and safety orders from our provincial leadership. We will continue to provide relevant updates here on our website and through our email list.

WorkSafe BC

Guidelines Archives (PMRC)

The staff and leadership of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council are committed to following the health and safety orders from our provincial leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are faithfully discerning best practices and ways of ‘doing’ church, based on information from our provincial health officials. We will continue to provide relevant updates here on our website and through our email list.

  • May 2021 Updated Safety Protocols for Communities of Faith in the PMRC (PDF)
  • July 2020 Information to augment Version 3 (Full Colour) (Text Only)
  • June 2020 Version 3 (Full Colour) (Text Only)
  • PMRC Regional Office Safety Plan (PDF)

United Church of Canada

COVID-19 PMRC News & Updates

First Third Ministry COVID Aware In-Person Guidance for Fall 2021

August 31, 2021

Dear Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leaders, Moving into the fall, the First Third Ministry Regional Council staff are sharing some suggestions and guidance […]

Town Hall Recording from August 25 – Preparing for Safe Ministry in the Fall, and LeaderShift Workshop Recording Link

August 26, 2021

This is the recording from our August 25 Town Hall “Preparing for Safe Ministry in the Fall”. It was wonderful to have this time with […]

Guidelines for Faith Communities Updates Aug 24

August 25, 2021

You’ve likely heard news of updated mask mandates in the province of BC, and that worship services are exempt. In today’s Town Hall, we’ll be […]

Town Hall Gathering ~ Preparing for Low Risk In Person Worship, for this Fall

August 20, 2021

Dear Friends, If able, please join hosts Treena Duncan and Blair Odney, and all those who gather, for a Town Hall conversation on preparing for […]

Keeping community safe; contagious disease prevention plan

August 13, 2021

Friends, I hope that you are enjoying the summer and that you are getting a break and experiencing a slower than usual pace of life. […]

From COVID-19 Safety Plans to communicable disease prevention

June 30, 2021

Friends, We have two pieces to share, to support you in preparing for the Province of BC’s moving to Step 3, and as we anticipate […]

Revised Variances and Guidance Documents – Step 2: June 15 Updated Documents

June 16, 2021

Friends, We have received the following, updated documents regarding gathering together for worship and work, as we move into the Province of BC’s Step 2 […]

Updated VARIANCES for Worship Gatherings and Events Orders

June 7, 2021

Dear friends, We have received updated information from our provincial leadership, with a number of PDF documents, that support faith leaders and communities in gathering […]

PMRC COVID-19 Safety Protocols Updated PDF Resource

May 28, 2021

Click for image below for the updated Safety Protocols for Communities of Faith and Ministries in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council, and find more information […]

In-Person Worship Allowances as of May 26, 2021

May 27, 2021

Dear United Church worship and church leaders across BC, As you know the BC Government unveiled its re-opening plan this week. Combined with gratitude for […]

Video Message of Care and Community ~ Rescinded: Temporary Easter Worship Variance

March 29, 2021

Treena Duncan shares a video message of care, support and information about today’s rescinding of the Easter in-person gathering variance. The Pacific Mountain Regional Council office will now be closed until April 19th, in support of the increased physical distancing restrictions announced today (March 29, 2021).

Temporary One Time Variance for In-Person Easter Worship & Outdoor Variance Guidelines and Information

March 26, 2021

25 March 2021

As anticipated, Dr Henry has released some new regulations regarding worship. It is clear that the numbers are still climbing and that public gatherings are still a risk. I encourage you, as always to carefully consider the decisions and their impact on the most vulnerable among you. Please note that you must follow all of the guidelines in the health order. Please refer to the PDF documents for detailed information from the Province of BC, and

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