Multi-Gen Silent Disco at the GM!

Sometimes called a headset dance, a ‘silent disco’ is a dance where there something for everyone!

Each attendee borrows a set of headphones for the duration of the event, and uses it to chose between one of 3 channels offering different musical tastes, and you control your own volume. The silent disco venue (our plenary space) becomes full of dancing while also being quiet enough for those not-sporting headsets to have a conversation at easy speaking volume. It’s SO COOL.

The Pacific Mountain Region’s First Ever

Multi-Generational Silent Disco!

At our Multi-Generational Silent Disco, the GM theme volunteers are setting up board games, activities and spaces to sit and chill without feeling like the proverbial wall flower, and our DJ, Jason Warner, will be leading the dancers in warm up fun (to learn how to dance with the headset!). Find out more about Jason on his Swing Dance website!

So, Friends, keep your Saturday night free from other plans and come to…

7pm, Saturday June 3, 2023

Be there AND be square!


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