Royal Canadian Chaplain Services (RCChS) of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

Royal Canadian Chaplain Services (RCChS) of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) -part time ministry opportunity for an Ordained Minister

The CAF has Primary Reserve Units all across the country and each is entitled to a Chaplain.  Reserve Chaplains serve their local congregations on a full or part-time basis and also serve in the CAF with their local unit to provide part-time faith leadership.

Some background information about the nature of our work and ministry is available at

Information about entry standards is detailed below:

Standards for enrolment as a Canadian Armed Forces chaplain include the following:

a) Canadian citizenship;

b)Bachelor’s degree in any discipline;

c) Graduate level degree (Master of Divinity or equivalent) from an institution accredited by the Association of Theological Schools or similar, providing professional training and formation for faith group leaders;

d) Formal recognition as a faith group leader within one’s own tradition (i.e. ordination or Pastoral Mandate) as recognized by the Interfaith Committee on Canadian Military Chaplaincy (ICCMC);

e) Two years of supervised, full-time recognized ministry experience as a faith group leader (post-ordination/pastoral mandate) in your specific faith tradition;

f) Must be between 18-56 years of age; and

g) Must be able to pass the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test, Fitness test and standard medical examination.

Applicants for the Primary Reserve Force (part-time faith leadership) will meet with both the Brigade Chaplain and the Unit Commanding Officer, and will be required to pass a selection board similar to Regular Force applicants.  Chaplain applicants must also follow the standard recruiting process for all applicants to the Canadian Armed Forces via their local Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre (CFRC).

A key component of any application to serve as a Canadian Armed Forces Chaplain is an endorsement for faith leadership through the Interfaith Committee on Canadian Military Chaplaincy.  This application for endorsement must be processed through the Director of Chaplain Services 2-2 at the Office of the Chaplain General, assisted by your local RCChS Recruiter area Chaplain Staff Officer or the Brigade Chaplain.

Please be in touch with the Divisional Staff Officer, Brigade chaplain Naval Reserve Formation chaplain or Senior Air Reserve chaplain (email’s below). One of those individuals can help commence the Endorsement portion of the application.  Our recruiter Padre LCol Angela James is available to answer additional questions.;;;;

There is no closing date as Applications are always being accepted.

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