Property Resource Team: Overview

Helping congregations meet the spiritual needs of future generations through property resource leadership.

Pacific Mountain Region’s Property Resource Team (the PRT) offers strategic leadership with relation to United Church property in British Columbia, Whitehorse and Banff. We provide church-specialized services and resources in the areas of property assessment, planning, development, redevelopment and divestiture to Presbyteries, congregations and ministries within their jurisdiction. We also oversee the 3-Point Redevelopment Portfolio.


Why work with us?

  • Understanding of the United Church context and an investment in the realities facing communities of faith and congregations today;
  • Full-time professional oversight and variety of strategic and technical skill sets;
  • Knowledge of the marketplace and capacity to assess the financial feasibility of your property;
  • Ability to provide leadership on a church redevelopment initiative, from start to finish.

As a staff unit of The United Church of Canada, the Property Resource Team (PRT) is accountable to both the individual congregations we serve and to the wider church. If you are looking to creating supports for new forms of congregational life now and for generations to come, but wish to avoid the challenges of doing it yourself and save your congregation the frustration of working with a misaligned partner, contact us.

How we can help Communities of Faith:

1. Mission-aligned advice

Changing demographics and dynamic ministries have increasingly made property issues significant to the life and work of the United Church of Canada. It is a challenge of our age to re-define and re-imagine the use of our buildings and properties in order to continue living out our mission. However, redevelopment isn’t the solution for most United Church congregations. The PRT knows alternatives and can advise you on the right path for your congregation.

2. Professional, church-focused leadership

Successful redevelopment is hard to achieve: The process is lengthy, expensive, and requires a variety of strategic and technical skill sets. It’s not always a congregational “do-it-yourself” project. And not every developer in the marketplace will act in alignment with your congregation’s interests. As a church-focused team of professional project managers, planners and legal advisors, PRT can provide congregations with this kind of leadership and decision-making. Examples of this service include:

  • Arrange for technical services (building inspections, surveys, code consultants, etc.)
  • Vet potential development partners and review redevelopment offers
  • Support congregations who are leading their own project

3. Strategic redevelopment partnership

Fundamentally, the PRT understands the United Church and the realities facing communities of faith and congregations today. We also understand the marketplace and have the capacity to assess the financial feasibility of your property and can provide leadership to a redevelopment initiative, from start to finish. Congregations who participate in the PRT’s 3-Point Redevelopment Portfolio are part of something bigger than themselves – an innovative and sustainable approach to United Church property assets that can generate resources to meet the spiritual needs of future generations.

Who we are:

The Property Resource Team is led by Don Evans, including strategic planning services and development management services provided by Justen Harcourt and the team at Colliers International Consulting Services. PRT’s chief legal advisor is Cameron White from the firm of Derpak White Spencer LLP.

Examples of our work:

  1. The 3-Point Redevelopment Portfolio
  2. The PRT has established Development Partnerships for three congregations, wherein each project will feature brand new multi-purpose church space. Two of these projects will feature strata condos, and the third features a community care facility.
    • Jubilee United Church and Oakridge United Church redevelopments are being done in partnership with Townline.
    • Peninsula United Church redevelopment is being done in partnership with CIMIC Morningstar investment.
  3. The PRT worked with The Bob Stewart Archives (the BC branch of The United Church of Canada’s archival collection) when the archives relocated into custom built space in Vancouver’s downtown eastside as part of the 312 Main project, home to a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, artists and organizations committed to economic and social democracy.

More information:

Read about the PRT’s history in Assets & Possibilities: The Faithful Stewardship of United Church Property.

Don Evans, Property Resource Team Lead for Pacific Mountain Region of The United Church of Canada

  • Phone: 604-431-0434 ext. 6589 (from the Lower Mainland) or 1-800-934-0434 ext. 6589 (toll-free in BC)
  • Email: