Property and Finance: Overview

The Executive Secretary of BC Conference, Doug Goodwin, is responsible for the Conference budget and Conference property, following the policies and goals of the BC Conference Executive. He works closely with a Conference staff team: Nellie Tang, Chris Cliff, and David Nanton.

The Finance Council advises the Executive Secretary on major financial matters related to the Conference to ensure a high quality level of financial management in the Conference. It reviews financial statements, considers audit results, helps prepare financial policies, monitors investment returns, discusses significant financial activities and recommends actions. The Council is made up if a Chair, who also sits on the Conference Executive (presently it is Ken Fanning), David Nanton and Nellie Tang, and others chosen from around the Conference for their knowledge of finances and the church.

The Property Development Council (PDC) is an incorporated BC society responsible for the, holding, purchase, transfer, and sale of BC Conference property. The members of the Conference Executive are also the members of the PDC to ensure good integration between the work of the Conference and our property work. Some properties are held for long-term use by the PDC while other properties that are being sold or developed in the Conference might be held by the PDC for only a short period.

The new Congregational Renewal Society (CRS) will hold properties that are being redeveloped to provide affordable housing. Like the PDC, this new society is made up of the members of the BC Conference Executive. Congregational properties are being developed to provide new space for congregational purposes, as well as a significant number of new affordable housing units. The congregational space is returned to the congregations after development while the affordable housing properties and buildings will continue to be held by the CRS. Presently four properties are in development planning stage, representing a $150 million development project.

The Property Resource Team (PRT) is staff person Terry Harrison in partnership with Colliers International, primarily Justen Harcourt. It task is to help develop congregational properties to enhance the mission of the congregation and provide other benefits to the church and community. Despite historically high property values throughout the province, only properties in very high value areas can take on this kind of project without also contributing a significant amount of cash. Terry and the PRT can evaluate individual situations and, in some cases, help lead development projects. See the Property Resource Team page for more information.

The General Council provides Mission Support Grants for a number of ministries – congregations and others – in the Conference that need financial assistance to be sustainable. The Conference helps in discerning what ministries most need this assistance and provides ongoing oversight over them. The Conference Native Ministries Council does this work for indigenous communities receiving assistance while Conference staff, in consultation with local areas, make the few other decisions needed. Although Mission Support monies have been diminishing significantly over the years, this is still a valuable way the General Council supports local ministries. From these monies properties in BC Conference but owned by the General Council are also maintained.

The Stewardship Committee is responsible to ensure that the principles and practice of Christian stewardship are promoted in presbyteries and pastoral charges. It also promotes and provides education about the Mission and Service Fund that helps fund much of the work of the General Council.

A number of funds and grants are available for various purposes. For more information, visit the Funding page.

Recent consolidated financial statements are available in PDF format at the links below.