Postponed: 2020 General Meeting


Our May 2020 General Meeting of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council is postponed until the Fall.

On March 18th, I announced that the May 2020 General Meeting was postponed, as the venue where we were holding out meeting was closed until the end of May. On March 20th, the PMRC Executive met to discuss how we will proceed with the 2020 General Meeting and business of the church. The Celebration of Ministry will still be held as soon as possible after the restrictions on public worship are lifted, much like the years when a general meeting is not scheduled in our previous governance model. We will be holding a 2020 General Meeting using an electronic format, sometime in the Fall.

I am tremendously grateful to President Jay Olsen for her leadership during this challenging time. The Pacific Mountain Executive will honour the timeline for the president’s terms, in order to not extend the length of service in unexpected ways for our volunteers. President Elect, Rev Blair Odney will transition to the Presidency in May/June at a meeting of the Regional Executive. Rev Jay’s leadership will be recognized at the Celebration of Ministry when it is held.  

Updates to the General Meeting 2020 information, along with details of how and when certain pieces of work and celebration will be held, will be added to the 2020 General Meeting page on our website. Please check back there for updates, and be sure to be accurately subscribed to the PMRC newsletter list: PMRC Newsletter Sign Up

Treena Duncan

Executive Minister, PMRC

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