Stylized Illustration of 6 people sharing in the work of a community of faith: Praying, Tending, Nourishing, Witnessing, Growing. Drawn by west coast artist Emily Theissen for the Pacific Mountain Regional Council of The United Church of Canada

PMRC Executive Nominees ~ General Meeting 2023


Please enjoy learning about those who are nominees for PMRC Executive! Gratitude for all those who discern ‘Yes’ to this process!

Nominees (scroll for their bios)

  • Claire Joy – Under 30
  • Johannes VanKessel-Crozier – Under 30
  • The Rev. Dr. Joseph Kyser

Blessings on, and gratitude for all those who have discerned ‘Yes’ to this process!

Nominations for PMR Council Executive close Friday June 2, 2023 at 8:15pm Pacific/ 9:15pm Mountain. How to Nominate your self or someone else is found here:


PMRC Executive Nominee Bios



Claire Joy

Eagle Ridge United Church


Although already stated, I believe identifying as genderfluid as well as queer brings another perspective into the church’s leadership. I believe I could bring my personal perspective to this Regional Council Executive as I am a youth and in the LGBTQIA+ community. I also carry various qualities such as communication with others and immense empathy and care for others. I think of this as my best quality and I deeply value it.

The Regional Council Executive operates under a policy governance model. Please share what that means to you and how you see yourself operating in that model.

Although I don’t have a full understanding of the policy governance model, I am eager to gain a better understanding. With from what I understand, I believe I can offer accurate advice based on the information I am given. As well as offer the best support I can.

What Motivates You to Fulfil this Position?

I am a very leadership type of person. I have been a part of the United Churches through camp spirit for years and became part of Youth Council because of it. I am very motivated to be more a part of the community and contribute as best I can. I want to work and help as much as I can as is my call.


Johannes VanKessel-Crozier

Weird Church

Nomination by the Rev. Ingrid Brown

Johannes is an under 20 delegate and member of the PMRC/CW Youth Council


Johannes is a gifted and caring young man with a love for the church and governance within it. With time in both the Anglican and United Churches, he brings a wider lens than some others might. Additionally, he has been a participant in Weird Church, one of the Region’s newest Communities of Faith (church plants) and is a member of the leadership team. In that role he is involved in the growth of a new community and is learning the gifts and challenges of growing a new ministry. In his role there he has served on temporary committees including finance (to prepare the annual budget) and hiring (for our youth leader).

The Regional Council Executive operates under a policy governance model. Please share what that means to you and how you see yourself operating in that model.

Johannes is also a member of the PMRC Youth Council and is learning good governance and leadership in his time there. I believe that he will offer valuable insights in setting policy decisions in terms of both his age demographic, his presence in an emerging form of ministry, and his geographical location in a smaller population.

I also think that this will be a fantastic opportunity for his enthusiasm for the church in and beyond the local expression to be nurtured, cultivating a long-term commitment to serve in all levels of the church.

What Motivates You to Fulfil this Position?

While I am submitting this nomination for Johannes, I can see that he has a keen sense of belonging and service within the church. He cares deeply about staying connected with the tradition and history while reaching into what is new and unfolding.

Earlier this year, Johannes initiated a conversation about being confirmed in the church in order to claim his place – with rights and responsibilities – as a full member. Since then we have been working, with another youth, on confirmation classes, learning and discerning the basics of the Christian faith, as expressed in the UCC, and how they are relevant for us today. The work we are doing is leading towards a personally articulated statement of faith for his confirmation. I would suggest that Johannes has a beautiful sense of reciprocity with the church as a whole, wanting to participate in generosity to this wonderful thing that he also receives from.


The Rev. Dr. Joseph Kyser

Deer Lake United Church


I have worked hard in the past few years to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be in the United Church of Canada, and specifically part of the Pacific Mountain Region. Last year I served as an elected commissioner to General Council, and currently I serve on two regional groups: the Community of Faith & Pastoral Relations Support Council and the Approvals Working Group. All three of these opportunities have granted me a closer look at the polity of the church and a better understanding of the future direction of the church.

While my faith was formed in a different denomination and context, I believe these differences enable me to offer a different perspective than those who are deeply embedded within the United Church and Canadian cultures. This enables me to support the vision of having a truly pluralistic church where various theological and cultural perspectives can be united through our faith in God.

I have many natural gifts and talents that I believe will enhance the Executive including my organizational skills, my business education background, and my experience in being in a paid accountable ministry in four different churches of various sizes. I am very passionate about doing the work of the church, and I greatly value the connectional table that the Region offers our local ministries in diverse settings.

The Regional Council Executive operates under a policy governance model. Please share what that means to you and how you see yourself operating in that model.

My previous community of faith operated completely under the policy governance model. My current community of faith operates in a modified policy governance model. Both settings have enabled me to spend a lot of time reviewing the primary texts of Carver, and how our United Church polity supports (and conflicts) with the approach.

My understanding is that the Council Executive helps sets the direction of the Region through its ENDS, which are approved by the Regional Council at the Annual Regional meeting. The Executive Minister is responsible for creating the MEANS of achieving those ENDS. The Council Executive helps to govern the Executive Minister through policy – not through direct interference in the MEANS. This approach allows the Executive Minister to have the authority and freedom to handle the on-the-ground tasks, while receiving support from a diverse group through the Executive Council.

My role, then, on the Executive Council is to offer any policy suggestions that could help enable the Executive Minister to better achieve the ENDS. My role is also to give any support that the Executive Minister requests from the Executive Council. Lastly, my role includes being a representative of the Executive Council to the wider church, receiving feedback and listening to those within the Pacific Mountain Region in order to best support the Executive Minister and the Region as a whole.


What Motivates You to Fulfil this Position?

I believe God is calling me to continue to contribute my gifts and talents within the United Church of Canada by being on the Executive Council. I believe that I will be able to participate more deeply in the other two groups that I already serve on through the experience on being on the Executive Council. I also believe that the United Church is in a transitionary moment, and my diverse background not having been a lifelong member will serve the Region well as it wrestles with very large questions and uncertainties. Lastly, I value continual learning and study, and I believe serving on the

Executive Council will be enlightening and offer me new understandings on what it means to be Church in this moment.


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