Pacific Mountain Lay Leadership Survey

Dear Lay Leaders,

The LLST is seeking your wisdom from experience. We hope to learn about you, and about your experience as a lay leader in your community of faith. Will you please consider taking some time to ponder and respond to the questions in our survey? Your participation will help shape the LLST’s creation and delivery of relevant and timely training and support for lay leaders in our region.

Dear Ministers and Administrators,
Please ensure this survey is included in the agenda of your next governing body meeting, and please forward it to all of the lay leaders in your setting. Feel free to copy this message to help explain the purpose of the Lay Leadership Survey.

Link: Pacific Mountain Lay Leadership Survey

For more information about Lay Leadership in the Pacific Mountain Region, the Sage Online Learning Platform for United Church Leaders, and for the Survey Link, please go to our webpage:

With gratitude from the Lay Leadership Support Team,

Linda Ervin, Chair
Carla Wilks
John Crowdis
Bethan Theunissen
Gail Miller, Regional Minister (Staff)
Marina Lecian, Pastoral Relations Coordinator (Staff)

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