Peachland United & Jubilee United

These community of faith features aim to empower people to get to know the communities of faith and ministries around the regional council! Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding a posts about individual communities of faith or ministries around the PMRC.  We hope that it will foster a spirit of being neighbours in Christ, near and far.

Hello, Peachland United Church!

In our town/neighbourhood, our church is known for our Bargain Bin Boutique. This is the most visible of our outreach programs. It provides low cost rates on clothing and household goods to the public. It also supports other non-profit organizations such as Diabetes Canada, KGH, various women’s groups, the Boys and Girls Club, SPCA, other churches and missions, ReStore, and the Wellness Centre. And it donates items such as eyeglasses and hearing aids to where they can do the most good.  Peachland United Church‘s Vision is, “We commit to a way of living using Jesus Christ as our model.” Our Mission is, “Our mission is a call to inclusive, loving and compassionate discipleship. Our actions express our longing to make a difference in the world.” We connect with Westbank United, Summerland United and Penticton Oasis Community churches to share time, resources, events and spiritual care. We are a congregation of about 50 families.  Most of us are retired and live in Peachland or nearby West Kelowna.  We are a warm , friendly and welcoming congregation.  We have a mixture of long time and new members.  We at PUC are vibrant, upbeat, energetic, and enthusiastic about our ministry together. We provide some incredible outreach within our Peachland community. Our church sanctuary is cozy, small, and intimate.  Our building is a landmark in the community and is over 107 years old. – Rev Ian McLean

Peachland United Church Minister
Peachland United Church Building









Hello, Jubilee United Church!

In our neighbourhood, Jubilee United Church is known for being a community hub, where a wide welcome is offered in worship and programs. Our Mission & Vision statement “Called by God to be One by living faith, knowing love, voicing hope in worship, belonging, learning and service. We work in good relationship with other churches in Burnaby, particularly Deer Lake United, and Shiloh-5th Ave in New Westminster. We have been in development of our 2nd site for a number of years, and we are looking forward to moving in this spring. We are excited to do ministry in the Metrotown and South Slope areas of Burnaby. We look forward to partnering with the Pacific Mountain Regional Council as we share space with them in the new building. We face similar challenges to other congregations and welcome prayers of support for a continued growing together in faith. – Rev Graham Brownmiller

Jubilee United Minister
Jubilee United Building Entrance
Jubilee United Building Doors Pride Welcome




Jubilee United Building Sign






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