Pastoral Relations Working Group (PMRC Role)

The Pastoral Relations Working Group seeks 1 new volunteer member from the Pacific Mountain Regional Council. This could be you!

Read more about Volunteering for our Regional Council on the nominations page on our website!

For information and encouragement, contact Rev Graham Brownmiller, Nominations Committee Chair at

What’s the Pastoral Relations Working Group?

The Pastoral Relations Working Group (PRWG) acts on and/or make decisions on behalf of the Regional Council (RC) in regard to the following:

  • approving Community of Faith profiles and declaring vacancies;
  • approving all ministry positions [I., I.1.3.2];
  • approving changes in terms of calls or appointments (I.1.9);
  • receiving and approving requests from ministry personnel to end pastoral relationships [I.3.1.4];
  • ending calls or appointments with ministry personnel and other staff in cooperation with the Community of Faith [C.2.8 (a & b)];
  • initiating the ending of pastoral relationship when notified by the Office of Vocations (OV) [I.3.1.7];
  • deciding whether a position is accountable to the governing body or region, i.e. categorizing Congregational Designated Minister (CDM) positions [I.1.11.2];
  • approving any leave more than three (3) months [I.2.3.6] and sabbaticals [I.2.3.5];
  • appointing Interim Ministers;
  • approving supply appointments [I.1.8] and approving the renewal of supply appointments [I.1.8]; and
  • licensing and re-licensing Sacraments Elders, DLM, candidates to administer  the sacraments (C2.9).
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